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About Paul

Unique selections of books from our book buyer Paul Ingram. He compiles great lists of books on varying topics.

If you have any requests for recommendations, send Paul an email at

  • Congrats to Paul Ingram!

    Congrats to Paul who has been given a holiday bonus by James Patterson!

    "On December 15, bestselling author and literacy advocate announced the names of 87 independent booksellers chosen by him to receive holiday bonuses totaling $250,000. Patterson launched the bonus program in October to thank booksellers for their dedication to spreading the joy of reading."

    Read more:

    Yay, Paul!

  • Paul's Corner: Poem

    The Collected Poems of William Carlos Williams: 1909-1939 William Carlos Williams

    Poem [on getting a card]

    on getting a card
    long delayed
    from a poet whom I love

    with whom I differ
    the modern poetic

    I was much moved 
    to hear
    from him if
    as yet he does not

    concede my point
    nor is he
    indeed conscious of it
    no matter

    his style
    has other outstanding
    which delight me

    -- William Carlos Williams

  • Happy Birthday to Paul's Grandson Sam!

    Among the rain 
    and lights 
    I saw the figure 5 
    in gold 
    on a red 
    to gong clangs 
    siren howls 
    and wheels rumbling 
    through the dark city.

    Sam's 5th Birthday December 13, 2015