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About Paul

Unique selections of books from our book buyer Paul Ingram. He compiles great lists of books on varying topics.

If you have any requests for recommendations, send Paul an email at

  • Two Clerihews




    Aleister Crowley

    Grew whiney and owly

    After turning some tricks

    At the club 666.





    A. J. Muste

    Was randy and lusty

    The sexual vulture

    Of Ethical culture.

  • Happy Poetry Month!

    Spring and All, XIV William Carlos Williams

    Spring and All, XIV

    William Carlos Williams


    Of death
    the barber
    the barber
    talked to me

    cutting my
    life with
    sleep to trim
    my hair—

    It's just
    a moment
    he said, we die
    every night—

    And of
    the newest
    ways to grow
    hair on

    bald death—
    I told him
    of the quartz

    and of old men
    with third
    sets of teeth
    to the cue

    of an old man
    who said
    at the door—
    Sunshine today!

    for which
    death shaves
    him twice
    a week

  • Paul's Book Club, April edition: Disobedience

    Disobedience Jane Hamilton

    Jane Hamilton is one of our finest contemporary writers of fiction.  She’s never written a bad book. I chose Disobedience for Book Club because, as I thought back to the book, many lively, touching, and wildly funny scenes came immediately to mind. I became hungry for a reread, the way one becomes hungry for a favorite apple pie. 

    In the novel, a boy (Henry), setting up his mother’s email, discovers that she is having a passionate love affair with a wonderfully goofy European musician (his emails are very funny).  Henry has no idea what to do, and this of course gives us a story.

    Disobedience is the April selection for Paul’s Book Club.

    We’ll meet at Room B in the Public Library, April 17 at 7 PM.  See you there.