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Unique selections of books from our book buyer Paul Ingram. He compiles great lists of books on varying topics.

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  • Paul's Corner: Poetry Month

    Collected Poems Donald Justice


    The classic landscapes of dreams are not
    More pathless, though footprints leading nowhere
    Would seem to prove that a people once
    Survived for a little even here.

    Fragments of a pathetic culture
    Remain, the lost mittens of children,
    And a single, bright de-tasseled  snow-cap,
    Evidence of some frantic migration.

    The landmarks are gone. Nevertheless
    There is something familiar about this country,
    Slowly now we begin to recal

    The terrible whispers of our elders
    Falling softly about our ears
    In childhood, never believed till now.

    --Donald Justice


  • Paul's Corner: Poetry Month

    This Day Wendell Berry

    A man with some authentic worries
    And with many vain and silly ones,
    I am well-schooled in sleeplessness;
    I know it from the inside out.
    I breathe, and I know what's at stake.

    But still sometimes I'm sane and sound,
    However heart and head may ache;
    I go to sleep when I lie down.
    With no determined care to breathe,
    I breathe and live and sleep and take

    A sabbath from my weariness.
    I rest in an unasking trust
    Like clouds and ponds and stones and trees.
    The long-arising Day will break
    If I should die before I wake.

    --Wendell Berry


  • Paul's Corner: Poetry Month

    The Really Short Poems of A.R. Ammons A.R. Ammons


    All afternoon
    the tree shadows, accelerating,
    shot them back into infinity:
    next morning
    returned from the other
    infinity and the
    shadows caught ground
    and through the morning, slowing,
    hardened into noon.

    --A.R. Ammons