Staff Selections Kids


The Secret Cave: Discovering Lascaux
Emily Arnold McCully

This telling of the Lascaux discovery features the story of the boys who found the prehistoric paintings, and their continued involvement with this amazing site.  Caldecott award-winning artist Emily Arnold McCully captures the excitement and mystery of these artifacts with her own paintings, providing more background on the events and issues surrounding this discovery. 


The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking Book 1)
Patrick Ness

Todd is the youngest resident in Prentisstown, the farthest outpost of colonies on a recently-settled planet.  There are no females in Prentisstown -- they died years ago from a virus -- and the men can hear each other's thoughts.  They think a virus caused that too.  The noise is deafening, and secrets are impossible to keep.  As Todd approaches his 13th birthday, he begins to discover a few truths about his life and his world, as well as something he's never seen before:  a girl.  (She's so quiet!)  The first book in a trilogy (all are available now), The Knife of Never Letting Go presents us with a creepy, disturbing and violent world where nothing is as it seems.  This is some wonderful science fiction for the advanced reader. 


The Fire Chronicle
John Stephens

In this riveting, suspenseful sequel to The Emerald Atlas, readers find Emma trapped in the past while Michael and Emma set off to find the legendary book of fire and master its powers, hoping to find Kate and discover information that could lead them closer to their parents and to the magic that could save or destroy the world.  The Fire Chronicle, the second book in the suspenseful, action-packed Books of Beginning trilogy is sure to engage 9 to 13-year-olds.