Staff Selections


You Don't Look Like Anyone I Know
Heather Sellers

This is the latest in psychology memoirs:  Prosopagnosia - a rare neurological condition that impairs face recognition.  Not being able to recognize people you know is difficult to imagine without reading this book.  What I found even more interesting was Heather Sellers' Florida upbringing by her troubled mother, who nailed windows shut and had an elaborate code for using the telephone.   You Don't Look Like Anyone I Know is most impressive for showing Sellers'  brilliant array of coping mechanisms.



The Long Song
Andrea Levy

 Jamaican novelist Andrea Levy, who gave us Small Island and The Fruit of the Lemon, has written her third and most powerful novel yet. With anger and sorrow, The Long Song tells a tragic and ironic tale of slavery in colonial Jamaica. In the here novel, Levy has created many unforgettable characters, including the grand and beautiful Miss Julie. This is a rich and complex story filled with the magic of history. A finalist for the Man Booker Prize.


The Magician King
Lev Grossman

The second installment  of the Fillory series. Quentin learns, once again, that everything has a price to be payed and often an appallingly costly one. A somewhat different tone than The Magicians


It Gets Better
edited by Dan Savage & Terry Miller

In the wake of an alarming number of suicides commited by gay teens, Dan Savage and his partner Terry Miller started a website where people - both gay and straight - could post videos reassuring young homosexuals that life will become easier in the future.  Now, for the first time, the text of these inspiring videos is available in a printed format.  This is one book that belongs in the library of every school, church and community center, and in the office of every counselor, coach, religious leader, teacher, advisor, psychologist, psychiatrist, community leader, principal and anyone else who works closely with youth.